Here’s Another Strong Argument for a Mid-Engine Corvette

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There’s a growing contention of car buffs weighing in on why Chevrolet really needs to build a mid-engine Corvette. And it goes far beyond just competing against the new Ford GT, which has dominated a lot of the discussion to date.

In a recent Car Buzz post, Joel Patel contends Chevy should produce the car to compete with brands the likes of Porsche and Ferrari, so that Corvette can finally garner the respect it deserves in the world of supercars. Patel spends a lot of time in the piece praising the C7 Z06 for its performance and interior features. But he contends the car still lacks the kind of appeal a mid-engine model would bring to the American nameplate.

In all honesty, Patel’s story doesn’t add a whole lot more to the argument for the much-buzzed-about mid-engine Corvette. But paired with this hot photo of what the mid-engine model might look like, Patel’s post certainly helps fuel the argument to build the Corvette.

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Via [Car Buzz]

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