How-To Spotlight: Finding a Corvette Show

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The Passion of Corvette Ownership Is Unrivaled. Time to Find Some Like-Minded People.

It does not matter if you have owned one Corvette or 100. It does not matter if you are driving a brand-new Z06 or a high-mileage C3. The community of ‘Vette owners will take you in, no questions asked. Well, they will be asking questions about your Corvette, and your history with it, and then about you, and then your family…

You see, going to a Corvette show is something every owner should do!

Whether you’re seeking a large show, like the one pictured above, or a smaller local show, you are in for a great time. One of the great things about a Corvette show is that you will quite literally run into just about every type of owner you can imagine. Granted the majority of owners tend to be in a particular age group, but you will find some others as well. The Corvette bridges a lot of gaps, and reaches a lot of demographics. From owners in their teens to retired Baby Boomers, and everywhere in between, there will always be common Corvette ground.

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So what is the best way to find the perfect setting of Corvette owners? We would recommend that you start with this week’s How-To Spotlight article. In nearly every part of our country you are going to find a Corvette club. You may even be surprised to know that clubs exist outside of the United States, as well. The Corvette may be known as “America’s Sportcar,” but there is a love for the car far beyond our borders.

Have you been to a Corvette show? What did you feel was the best part of that experience? Let us hear your Corvette show story.

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