How-To Tuesday: Installing a Cold Air Intake to Your C7 Corvette

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This week’s How-To Tuesday article delves into the wonderful world of cold air induction. Specifically, aftermarket installation of cold air induction on the C7 Corvette.

We all know that the C7 Corvette is the most powerful factory production Corvette ever built by Chevrolet. This isn’t new information. What most may not be aware of is that there are a few tricks that you can pull that will help to almost instantly improve the power and performance of your stock C7. An aftermarket cold air intake modification is truly one of the quickest options. Even those of us without a lot of experience in the secondary modification market can pull off this job. Of course you could always pay a buddy in beer… but if you have friends like mine, they’ll drink the beer and watch you work, so scratch that idea.

cold air install

There are quite a few options out there available for installation. Picking the one that you like best could be a challenge. Fortunately, our crack “How-To” writing team is here to help, and they’ve selected the Advanced Flow Engineering product for your step-by-step educational experience.

I’m curious: how many of you have gone the cold air intake route? Of course, this is a product that aims directly at the C7 and its advanced design for air movement over the engine and cooling at the stock level. I know that there are claims over claims for products like this, each claiming to be the best of the best. Increasing power, cooling faster etc. But sometimes the real world is different than the air tunnel or dynamometer. Only you guys know the real story. Let us know. Legit or waste of time?

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