Installing a Fire Extinguisher in a C4

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Ecklers Part # 38171 $25.99
Hardware not included

reference, this part will be called the extinguisher

part will be called the mount

Drill. A hand drill will work, you are only going through
1/4 inch drill bit
2 wrenches of whichever size
bolts/nuts you use

is possibly the most important part of the installation. The test fit
needs to take several things into account. I am short, and therefore I
must have the seat pulled up some-what far. Make sure your test
installation is with the seat in the position you drive in. If your
girlfriend, wife, or someone else drives your car, make sure they know the
fire extinguisher is there before adjusting the seat. If they have to
move forward, remove the fire extinguisher first, the bracket and be left
in place unless they really need to move forward. The position shown will
work for nearly all heights.

your finger under the front of the extinguisher, and hold the mount in
place. Remove the extinguisher.

are eight holes you can use for installation. I chose the two on the
center-line. While still holding the mount in place, drill one hole into
the seat pan. Install a bolt to hold the mount in place. Now, drill the
second hole. This will ensure your holes line up.

2 bolts 1/4 x 1 inch
2 nuts for 1/2 inch bolts
4 small
washers for 1/2 inch bolts
2 large washers to distribute pressure
evenly over fiberglass seat pan

hardware in this order
1. Bolt
2. Small washer
3. Mount
Seat Pan
5. Large washer
6. Small washer
7. Nut


sure seat doesn\’t hit extinguisher when it is in your driving

FAA requires that extinguisher assemblies in Aviation have a safety around
the extinguisher release, to prevent the extinguisher falling. Most
aircraft vibrate a lot, and the extinguishers are mounted on a bulkhead.
This is not necessary for your Corvette installation.

you can always cut the end off, and you can hardly tell it is there. For
now, I am using a cheap zip-tie. The quality of the this tie holds the
release shut, but is weak enough that it is easily broken by simply
pulling on the release. I will be replacing this with copper safety wire
soon, I just didn\’t have any handy at the time of this

is how it looks completed, from the pax side. A very nice, clean
installation, out of the way, but easily accessible.

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