Throwback Thursday: More Classic Corvette Pics From Criswell

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Mike From Criswell Chevrolet Posts Classic Throwback Pics, Focusing on The First Three Corvette Generations

Mike Furman, the lovely gent who goes by the name of [email protected] on our forums, has presented us with another enjoyable set of throwback pictures. And they’re sure to take you for another great trip down memory lane.

Mike at Criswell Chevrolet has had himself a busy week, between selling truckloads of Corvettes and having to deal with a traffic accident (he was rear-ended by a distracted driver). Still, he’s managed to have his usual high rate of sales in multiple states, with customers from his home state of Maryland, and also some in Pennsylvania and Virginia too. Buyers truly travel from all over, just to get the right Corvette at Criswell.

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Somewhere in there, Mike finds time to post classic Corvette photos. This set of throwback photos have a running theme of Corvettes that could use a little TLC. We have only included a few in the post here, so make sure you click that link to see dozens more.

As usual, all generations of Corvettes are in there, but the main focus is usually the first three Corvette generations. It’s so neat to see the shapely Corvette at auto shows, or on the dealer showroom, or next to the more practical cars that your average family would have had back in the day.

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