The Twisted World of the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

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Mid-Engine Corvette Renderings

First, so-called “inside sources” were saying that there might be a next-gen mid-engine C8 in development.

Then there were reports that it could be called Zora.

Months later some of those earlier “inside sources” were saying that a mid-engine Corvette had been confirmed by another “inside source,” who couldn’t speak of any specific details on the car.

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Then, in the midst of all this, reports came out that someone had spotted what “appeared” to be a camo-covered mid-engine Corvette on the road.

Heck, we even came up with a poll asking readers to pick their favorite rendering of the C8 Corvette, as cooked up by some of those magazines with “inside sources.”

new Mid-Engine-Corvette-Sketch

Then, last week, we jumped head first into the media fray about reports that Chevy might have mistakenly released a sketch of the mid-engine C8 during the taping of the TV show “Americarna.”

A day or so later, Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter, pretty much the reigning authority on the Corvette, tells a news source that if there is a mid-engine Corvette in development, he doesn’t’ know anything about it.

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Now, if this is all getting a little confusing, trust me, you aren’t the only one. But just when you thought you might be able to figure it out, an Automobile Magazine report surfaces that the mid-engine car everyone has been buzzing about might actually be a Cadillac.

With all the contradictory reports out there, perhaps we’d better wait this whole C8 mid-engine thing out, at least until we hear it from someone other than an “inside source.”

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