Do You Really Need OnStar in a Corvette?

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There’s a discussion brewing here on Corvette Forum over whether one of the technology features available in the C7 Corvette that GM is probably most proud of is really worth having.

And no, it’s not the new PDR system because I sincerely doubt there is anyone who owns a new Corvette with the technology questioning that feature. The PDR has quickly become one of the most popular new tech components on the C7, especially if you own the new Z06.

But when it comes to GM’s OnStar system, the discussion seems to take a different turn as highlighted in a thread started here by “Marconi7” titled, “OnStar – Your Thoughts?” It appears that whether the safety feature, also available in the C6, is worth the monthly fee after the free trial period is debatable as highlighted in some of the comments below.

First, let’s see what you think in our survey.

Would you let OnStar expire after the free-trial period ends?

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“Never have or will use it outside of free trial.”

“We have it on both Corvettes. I really don’t need it, but I like my wife having it. She’s not that great with directions, and she loves the turn-by-turn. I also like that she has it if she were to get stranded or have a wreck.”

OnStar expiration

2k Cobra
“I didn’t think much of it until I bought one with it.

When we went on the 2014 Caravan and were out in the country, no cell service, I had a warm and fuzzy feeling about getting help if we needed it. We drive a fair amount in remote areas, so I feel we need it. It also keeps track of your service and lets you know if your ‘Vette is falling apart.

On the flip side, if you drive mostly where there is cell service, I don’t think you need it.”

“It also can unlock your doors for you, track the car if stolen (lead the police right to it). If you get into an accident, they call you. If you don’t answer, they call the police & ambulance for you. Could be helpful.”

Funny, how nobody even mentioned the fact that OnStar now gives you WiFi connectivity in the Corvette. But then again, I guess that probably wouldn’t get a whole lot of use in a two-seater sports car.

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