Installing Cold-Air Intake: How-To Spotlight

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Cold air intake on a Corvette LS.

From gaining fuel efficiency to shaving valuable ticks off your track time, don’t leave easy horsepower on the table.

A cold air set up on your C6 Corvette can do wonders for your car. It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking to gain an edge on the competition or just trying to find a few more miles per gallon. The idea behind it is simple: Help your car burn fuel more efficiently. In high a high-speed situation, it feeds denser, cooler air into your engine. This mixes with fuel better and makes the combustion process less taxing on your engine. If that sounds good to you, then you may be ready for your first cold air intake system.

What does it take to install one? Thankfully, today’s article is going to take us through this step-by-step process.¬†While each system is similar, some are easier to work through and install¬†than others.

To cover the bases, the highlighted install is for one of the more difficult setups. If you can follow this, chances are you won’t have an issue setting up any other system.

Is it worth it? Time and attention to detail will tell for most people. Can an individual feel the difference in a few tenths of a second in speed increase? Chances are, most of our readers will say yes. Do you want to try and find out? As one of the easier modifications you can make to your engine, why not?

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