Replace Your Corvette Emblems: How-To Spotlight

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Corvette C7 Illuminated Emblem

Be it necessity or simply to give your Corvette a change of pace, changing the emblems on your car is not as difficult as you may imagine.

There are certainly people out there who have all of the Corvette logos and emblems memorized. Just flash a split-second of a front hood emblem, and you can narrow down a specific timeline for that car. The Corvette logo is symbolic and well known world wide. So what happens if you need to change the emblem or emblems on your Corvette? Well with a bit of patience and finesse you can make this happen.

Every single Corvette part dealer in the world sells aftermarket replacement emblems. There are many varieties and color options. As days go by and the aftermarket folks continue to innovate, we will see more and more colors and no doubt materials. One quick example is the C7 rear bumper logo above. Not even five years ago this type of back lit logo was not even an option and here we are looking at something really cool. Of course some local regulations may say otherwise, but still, looks good where we are sitting.

C5 Corvette

Today’s How-To Spotlight is running you through the process of removing and replacing your emblems. As you can see, the C5 pictured above has had the stock logo swapped for a blacked out option. So what does it take? How is this done and how much time does it take? You are going to want to read through this article for those answers. Interestingly, the process of removing an emblem is not all that difficult. We would make a wager that if you are anything like us, installing the new emblem so that it looks like it was done by the factory may trip a personal O.C.D. switch. Find your nearest perfectionist and make it happen!

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