How-To Tuesday: C7 Corvette Secrets

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The C7 Corvette is still so new that some people haven’t even been able to check it out in person. And so it stands to reason that there are many things that have yet to be learned about the new model. Heck, I don’t even know how to use all the features on my two-year-old cell phone, which, by the way, I can apparently use to start a C7 from another state, if I set it up correctly.

There are so many bells and whistles on the new Corvette that I wonder if we will ever really know them all. I imagine that there are a few of you out there pining for the old ways. “I just want to turn on the car and know how fast I’m going, I don’t need all that other stuff!” I hear you saying. Fortunately, you actually can just turn on the C7 and know how fast you’re going. But as an added bonus, the “other stuff” may also help you to keep the car in between the lines on the road at the same time. Ah technology.

The good thing is that there are peopleĀ hereĀ on Corvette Forum that are ready to help you pull back the curtain on a few of those C7 secrets. A good place to start is with this article, titled, “Secrets of the C7.” Another good place to look is in this thread, posted by member bmanahan, titled, “Cool Little Known Features.”

For a lot of people, I think the C7 Corvette is a lot like getting your first roommate in college. At first glance, you’re really excited because your new roomie brought an amazing TV and stereo setup. But still, you’re not going to be easily swayed by brand new technology. Yet somehow, as you continue to spend time with them and get to know them, well, did you just become best friends? Yup!

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