Two C7 Corvette Stingrays at the Drag Strip

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[VIDEO] Two C7 Corvette Stingrays at the Drag Strip

Let’s face it. Since Chevrolet started delivering the new 2014 Corvette Stingrays, it seems like they are now everywhere. My twitter and youtube feeds are full of new spottings and First Time videos, but this video of two Corvette Stingrays on the dragstrip running against each other was something I had to share!

The two C7 Corvette Stingrays faced off against each other at the Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas. The Velocity Yellow Corvette Stingray is a non-Z51 while the Arctic White Corvette is equipped with the Z51 performance package. The comments in the video suggested one of the Corvettes was an automatic and the other a 7-speed, but didn’t specify which car had which transmission.

Our bet is the Corvette with the automatic got off the line and down the track faster than the 7-speed manual Corvette which appeared to have a little more wheel spin once the go light turned green. But we’ll make you watch the video to see which of the Stingrays was the quickest.

The original poster on the forum suggested that both drivers are new to drag racing, but they did turn in respectable times in the Corvette Stingrays with quarter mile times in the 12s.

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