Corvette Z06 Outpaces Ferrari 458 Italia on Italian Road Course

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LS7 Corvette packs 600 horsepower, allowing it to power away from the 458 after the turns.

The Chevrolet Corvette is easily the most respected American performance car outside of the United States, but in Italy, Ferrari and Lamborghini models still reign supreme. In the video above from the RocketV8 YouTube channel, a modified C6 Z06 goes head-to-head with a Ferrari 458 on an Italian road course, beating the Prancing Horse on its home turf.

The Modified Z06

The C6 Corvette Z06 in the video above came from the factory with 505 horsepower from the naturally-aspirated LS7 engine. However, the owner has added Trick Flow cylinder heads, a new camshaft from Lingenfelter, an ARH exhaust system and a tune, reportedly lifting the output to 600 horsepower. Naturally, this LS7 Z06 is stronger and faster than it was when stock.

Corvette Passed by Ferrari

Also, in the details of the video is states that this Corvette has Brembo GT brakes and Bilstein shocks. The C6 Z06 came from the factory with Brembo brakes, but the GT kit is a considerable upgrade over stock ,while the Bilstein dampers should help the car handle even better. The only thing that we don’t know is what this C6 is running for tires.

Ultimately, this Z06 is nowhere near stock, but it has been fitted with common upgrades that we could see on a street-driven LS7 Corvette. At the same time, it is a far more capable track car, as is displayed in the video above. That should hopefully give it the edge against one of Italy’s finest.

Corvette Passing Ferrari

Z06 Passing Everyone

As the video above begins, the Corvette comes out of the pits and the driver slows down on the straight leading to the first turn, allowing the Ferrari 458 to blast past. The Z06 driver then hammers down, quickly closing in on the Ferrari as they make their way around the Vallelunga Circuit in Italy. Through the first six turns, the Z06 closes in on the 458 and on the long straight leading into turn 7, the Chevy pulls even, out-braking Ferrari into turn 7 to jump ahead.

Corvette Passes Porsche

From there, we can see the Ferrari in the mirrors of the Vette, but the 458 isn’t strong enough to pull around the Chevy as they blast out of the turns. While playing cat-and-mouse with the Ferrari, the Z06 eats up a Mini Cooper and a Porsche 911, showing the dominance of American performance against Italian, British and German competitors.

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