Wrong Place, Wrong Time for this Corvette Owner

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Unidentified European Car Crashes into C6 Corvette

I’m not saying that hanging out of a car window while said car is doing high-speed turns is a bad idea, but there are better decisions to make. Not surprisingly, the image below is one of the screen captures from a video titled, “Top 10 Fails: Show offs/ Douchebags.”

Not good

Number 10: The clip starts by showing a couple of guys being paraded around an F1 track on the back of a Ferrari California convertible. The driver makes a wrong turn and then tries to short-cut back to the track. The problem? He attempts to cut across the run-off area, also known as “kitty litter.” Looks more like gray quicksand for the poor Ferrari.

Quicksand Ferrari

Numbers 9-6: Either people driving a motorcycle poorly or someone getting knocked out. You can skip past those if you’d like. I don’t own a motorcycle, but trying to drive one quickly on one wheel seems to be a bad idea.

That brings us to Number 5, sitting at about the 2:00 mark. One of the flags shown in the middle of the video is for a business located in Turkey. The plates on the front of the brown-ish/red car (Vauxhall?) with the guy hanging out of it also indicate this isn’t in the U.S. Unfortunately, though, this is the video in which being in the wrong place at the wrong time comes into play.

The clip is only about 10 seconds long, but that’s enough time for the front quarter panel of a black C6 Corvette to meet its maker.

10 seconds to doom

You may have seen Number 4 before. It shows a beautiful yellow Lamborghini Gallardo getting squirrely after turning left at a stoplight and goal-posting a Mercury Grand Marquis and a Ford Escape.

Chicago Lambo

Over one full minute of the video is dedicated to Number 3. You can skip it. Trust me, you’ll wish you had that minute back. I know I do.

As a matter of fact, Number 2 and Number 1 aren’t much better — just another motorcycle clip and a guy getting knocked out after showing off.

Moral of the story (if there is one): don’t park your Corvette in an area where people have decided to try to do 360s. It can turn into a very expensive crash barrier for a car worth maybe 1,000 Lira.

For those of you wanting to watch the entire video, here you go:

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