His Royal Majesty, King Corvette the Purple

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LEP Automotive Boldly Wraps a C7 to Create His Royal Majesty, King Corvette the Purple

Purple is the color of royalty. Purple was worn by Roman magistrates. It was the imperial color of rulers of the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. It was adopted by the Roman Catholic bishops and Japanese aristocracy. So if there were ever an appropriate car to take on the royal color of purple, it would surely have to be a Corvette C7.

Surely that’s what LEP Automotive was thinking when they wrapped this C7 for their client, Tyler. They gave this lovely C7 the royal treatment, and vinyl wrapped this beauty in Midnight Purple. And they showcase His Royal Majesty, King Corvette the Purple (unofficially dubbed) in the video above.

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Unfortunately, the video doesn’t quite do this royal machine justice. Remember, when you are shooting video of a car and trying to accentuate its majesty, take a moment to shoot a combination of close-ups and environmental establishing shots. Hold those shots for a couple seconds, and let the viewers behold the beauty. Don’t shoot a dark car in the shadows. And maybe add a couple of┬áburnouts and some donuts.

In any case, the sound of this C7 cruising along the highway and running through the car park is enough to merit placement here. It just lights a fire in our soul. It’s brutish, powerful, and yet, tastefully refined. And for that, we bow down.

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