How Lousy Does a Burned C4 Corvette Make You Feel?

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And just like that, nothing was the same. One mechanical failure, and the next thing you know, you’re sitting on the side of the road watching a prized possession poison the air with black smoke. That’s all it took for Michigan man Ben Bergen’s Corvette to do its best bonfire impression.

Bergen only had his 1985 C4 Corvette for one week before it was unfairly taken from him. He was driving around on the July 4th holiday weekend, when, according to Corvette Blogger, Bergen reportedly heard a pop before the car stalled. He then heard a hiss, and the Corvette caught fire.

The most important part is that he got out okay, and nobody else was injured by the potentially disastrous situation. Bergen recognizes that and has a great mentality about the situation.

“I’m a little bummed out… (but) it’s just a material possession,” he said.

Lucky for him, C4s are going cheap right now. Get out there and buy another one, Champ. This was an anomaly, not the rule.

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