C4 Corvette Gobbles up Utility Pole

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Think you’ve had a rough day? This C4 owner had a worse one.

We auto enthusiasts typically use the phrase “wrapped around a phone pole” as a metaphor. However, we can apply that phrase literally to this C4 Corvette that crashed in Machesney Park, Illinois, near Rockford.

On April 26, the poor rag-top took a utility pole to the passenger side. The pole popped through the fiberglass fender behind the front tire, which ripped a gaping hole in the C4. The impact snapped the utility pole, though the stout pole broke about halfway up instead of at the bottom.

C4 utility pole

The accident occurred on Highway 251, one of the main roads that runs through the Rockford area. Commonwealth Edison, the local electricity supplier, replaced the pole. Rockford TV station WIFR reported no injuries, but that alcohol may have played a part in the crash. The accident took place during rush hour, which brought traffic to a standstill while ComEd disentangled the ‘Vette from the utility pole and dropped in a replacement.

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“Slow news day in Rockford?” you ask. Take it from someone who grew up near there: most Rockford days are slow news days.

The C4 appears to have a few small mods, like aftermarket wheels, an air damn, and maybe even a lowered suspension (or it’s just broken). If you’re the opportunistic C4 type, you can probably keep an eye on the local CraigsList or CoPart for this charcoal convertible. You will find it under search phrases “project,” “parts car,” “ran when parked,” “low miles,” and the ever-popular, “over $XX,000 in mods.”

Overall, this rates as a pretty impressive crash. We seldom see utility poles poking out through pop-up headlights, after all.

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