C6 Corvette Breaks Fastest-Ever Six-Speed Record

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Equipped with a six-speed manual transmission and a ballsy driver, this Corvette is on a ‘Highway to Hell.’

How often do you watch drag racing videos on your phone? Every day, twice a week, every now and then? Regardless of the answer, you’ve probably grown used to seeing cars smoke their tires, take off, and run down the strip in spectacular fashion. You’re not alone, we have too.

Fastest six-speed C6 Corvette ever.

That’s why when we watched the first 10 seconds of this clip by 1320video, we were blown away by the sheer speed of this C6 Corvette. You know that if you’re wowed by a car’s speed on a screen then it must really be hauling ass. That’s the case of this ridiculous 5.3-liter F1-x Procharger-turbocharged Corvette, which is one of the fastest things we’ve seen in a very long time.

The video’s host shows us the engine bay in detail, and it looks absolutely stunning. One can truly appreciate the time, effort, and money that went into this car. From the induction setup to the wheels and tires, the entire build is done in a clean-cut manner. Oh, and the driver also seems to be a pretty nice dude too.


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After a couple of practice runs, the ‘Vette simply shook off his rivals one by one. Eventually, it made its way to the finals, and that’s when the driver put his visor down and really went to work. The result? The world’s fastest quarter-mile time for a six-speed Corvette.

Atta boy!

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