C6 vs C7: the Corvette Showdown

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yellow C6 Z06
yellow C7 Z06

For many years, the sixth generation Corvette had become the go-to model for people wanting to have the best-of-the-best Corvette. The C6 was considered by many to be the ultimate factory edition Corvette. It had the most powerful engine. The best looks. Pretty much the best everything. But has that changed?

With the introduction of the seventh generation Corvette, has the C6 been tossed to the wayside? Is the new Corvette the flashy younger brother that is now over-shadowing its older sibling? As most of us know by now, the current Corvette does just about everything better than the previous edition. Not only that, but most people also tend to agree that it also looks better doing it.


Is this discussion giving you a feeling of deja vu? I would expect it is. It seems that each time Chevrolet introduces a newly redesigned Corvette, this topic is brought back up. Is the previous generation now obsolete in relation to the new one? I recall having this talk and reading through various posts when the C6 was introduced, comparing it to the C5.

Fortunately for us, we have this recent article by Steve Carnevale, featured in the Corvette Forum How-Tos section, which is a great starting point to further this most recent debate. The article goes in to great detail about the differences between the C6 and C7 Corvette: clear styling differences, engine comparison, transmission and performance differences, and of course the adjustments to the interior.

Which Corvette wins in a vacuum comparison? If Rich Uncle Pennybags offered to buy you one or the other, no options left off, which are you going to choose?

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