How About a C7 Corvette for $39,000?

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Going once, going twice…

Sold to the man or woman looking to pay half price for a fully equipped 2015 C7 Corvette Stingray that only needs a fender, door, rear quarter panel, and new paint job…as well as a few other unforeseen repairs. All for the low, low price of just under $39,000.

Now, the official eBay pitch for the damaged C7 is quite different, as highlighted in a recent Jalopnik report. But I think I summed it up pretty well.


Here’s the meat of the eBay listing, titled “2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 3LT NAVIGATION EVERY OPTION 1304 MLS”:

“We recently purchased it from an insurance company with very easy accident damage. Mainly this Corvette needs a left fender, left door, left headlight, left taillight, left rocker molding and cosmetic repairs to the hood, and left quarter panel.

On a good note; the rest of this Corvette is in great shape. The interior is complete and very clean. The airbags did NOT Deploy!!!

This Corvette lot drives and there is no visible damage to the motor or the drive train. The frame appears to be in great shape as well.

This Corvette is loaded and comes with the 3LT Package, Z51 package, Navigation, Memory Driver Seat, Heated & Ventilate Front Leather Seats, Rear View Camera, BOSE Premium Audio, Heads-Up Display, Keyless Entry and Keyless Start, not to mention a powerful 6.2L 460hp V8 Motor with 7-Speed Manual Transmission.”


Maybe I’m just being a little picky, but this hardly sounds or looks like a deal for a C7, as Jalopnik suggests when they say it “may be the best bang for the buck, ever.” Then again, I guess there’s two sides to every story.

Either way, you’re too late, because the listing has now ended, and the best offer was accepted. So congrats to another member of the Corvette Family, here’s hoping your repairs go smoothly.

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