Drone’s-Eye View of Winged C7 Corvette

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Winged C7 aerial

I’m going to make a prediction here after watching this drone video footage of a custom winged-door C7. It might seem a little wild at first, but honestly, I don’t think I’m that far off in saying that personal drones will probably be the next big thing on the horizon for people who like making videos of their Corvette.

Winged C7

Just check out the video below where you can actually see the shadow of the drone at the 50-second mark flying in to give us another cool aerial view of the car.

Of course, currently there are only 11 states where drones are legal in the U.S. so you’d need to check and make sure you aren’t breaking any laws. But imagine the shots of your own Corvette you could get with such a setup.

C7 winged end shot

Now before you say that I’ve completely lost my mind, which I probably have, just remember it wasn’t’ long ago when some people thought that those Go-Pro cameras were kind of silly. Today, the devices are pretty much a must-have among car buffs hoping to capture their vehicle in perfect motion.

That said, I imagine it’ll take a pretty skilled drone operator to keep up with the kind of action this C7 pulls off at the 1:30 mark.

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