Corvette C7 Magic Is More Than Skin Deep

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The heart and soul of the C7 Corvette might lie in its 6.2-liter V8 engine, but the magic of driving the seventh-gen ‘Vette goes far deeper than that.

Sure, you’ve probably heard this before. However, Warren Parsons, global chief architect of body structures at General Motors, gives us a different take on that idea, as highlighted in a TFLCar report.

The report, which includes the informative video posted below, zeroes in on the lightweight and rigid structure of the C7, as well as the strategy that went into pulling off the design, while still keeping the car affordable.

The TFL report also digs into specifics, like the use of mixed materials and special welding techniques that were used to build the C7 Corvette’s platform. In addition, the wheels of the car are 8.8 pounds (4 kg) lighter than the aluminum counterparts.

Check out the naked truth in the video below, then let us know what you think.

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Via [TFLCar]

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