Forum Member Ignites a Craigslist Addiction

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C2 Corvette from Craigslist

When a Corvette Forum member posted his Craigslist finds, things escalated quickly into a huge list of blood-pumping ‘Vettes.

Whether we are actually looking for a car to buy or not, Craigslist offers a huge window into the current used Corvette market. When user Revfan posted some of his finds and asked for some opinions on a couple of cars in 2014, he probably didn’t expect this epic thread to unfold, let alone still be going nearly three years later. As of this writing, it’s now a 100-plus-page thread of C1 and C2 Corvettes for sale.

Craigslist Corvette Forum Find

Not everyone is window-shopping, though. Early on, user RallyRedVette mentions he is actually in the market and asks for help finding a 427/390 car. MarkC was looking for a 1966 or 1967 model year for a friend and was promptly rewarded with listings to check out. Someone else actually bought this 1966 four-speed with an engine replacement as a solid sub $40,000 driver.

Revfan jokingly wonders if his online addiction to searching Craigslist for C1 and C2 Corvettes needs an intervention. If that was actually the case, then this post would show that as a group would need an intervention.

Craigslist does delete ads once sales are complete. However, members have posted the actual pictures and most of the descriptions so they won’t be lost. If you’re just interested in seeing a whole host of interesting Corvettes, then start at the beginning.


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However, if you’re actually shopping for a C1 or C2 then it’s worth keeping up with the thread as our forum members have very sharp eyes for a deal. Of course, if you find any interesting Corvettes the community would like then feel free to join in. You can find the entire thread here.

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