Did “Cool Factor” Affect Your Corvette Purchase?

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We’d like to introduce y’all to a fellow Corvette Forum member who goes by the name nocturnu. He’s currently in the process of looking for a new car, and he’s tired of being trapped by the family-friendly automobile. He wants to track! And after owning a couple Audis, nocturnu’s natural tendency was to turn to Porsches.

“Planning on picking up a new car in a few months,” he wrote. “In the last year I swapped out my modded S4 for an Audi SQ5 … but it’s time to once again have a car that I can track … I’ve been mostly looking at German cars, like the Cayman S, GTS, or GT4 (if I can find one), and a 911. Am I crazy to be comparing this to the Z06? I want a light weight car that can handle. I want steering feedback and a great manual transmission. I want a car that sounds the part (718 need not apply).”

First off, no, he’s not crazy for comparing it to the Z06. Good on him for not falling victim to blinders.

“I recently went to a Chevy dealership, and when the car turned on, I immediately smiled,” he said. “The car sounds incredible. The interior, to my surprise, looked nice. The seats are great and the car is incredibly attractive. This generation is the first generation I’ve ever even considered a Corvette.”


That’s exactly what Chevy was hoping for when developing the new Corvettes. But nocturnu’s still trying to make up his mind.

“When I told my wife she gave me the typical vette’s are for Muricans if you get my point (Yes, I’m American), but I’m not too worried about stereotypes,” he continued. “Ultimately, I care about my own happiness in the car. What say you all?”

Nocturnu brings up an interesting point that no statistics or price points can decide: “Cool factor,” aka, how you feel in a car. A Porsche is a Porsche, it has a reputation unlike any other. But so does the Corvette, and although I’m fully guilty of loving the attention of cool cars, that shouldn’t sway you completely to or from buying a car. Be comfortable with yourself and with your decisions!

Did you guys have any experience with this when you were deciding what cars to buy?

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