Don’t Go Deaf in Your C7 Corvette

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Corvette Z06 Road and Track Performance Car

We all know the problems associated with owning a sportscar. Of course, at times, some of those annoyances could also be considered their strengths. They’re loud, drink fuel at alarming rates, and have the habit of getting in trouble with the law. All which could be quite interesting and fun, given the right conditions. Still, if you want to keep those “problems” in check, while we’re not able to help you out on the second or third issue, we can at least suggest a possible fix for the first.

TKO Performance has come up with their revised “Block It” drop-in sound deadening mats for the C7 Corvette. The mats go in both the cockpit and the rear-hatch and are made up of four layers of acoustic soundproofing materials. The company claims to reduce interior noise in seconds, without the need to cut, stitch, or void your factory warranty.

What’s better is that they’re on sale right now for just $195.99 plus shipping and handling. While the C7 Corvette isn’t what you’d call deafening, it can be quite noisy. This eliminates that noise almost completely.

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