GXE Corvette Breaks Speed Record Again at Over 200 MPH

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Why don’t we just go ahead and say that the all-electric GXE Corvette officially “owns” the record for the fastest electric vehicle?

I mean, c’mon, after clocking a speed of 205.6 mph, simply saying that the car has broken the EV record doesn’t quite give the Genovation Extreme electric car its due respect, as highlighted by Autoblog. Yup, “GXE Corvette Owns EV Record,” paints a more accurate picture of the feat, especially when you consider the fact that the GXE essentially broke its own record.

The C6-based EV pretty much shattered its previous world record speed of 186.8 mph, set earlier this year at Florida’s Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds. And that was a pretty amazing feat in itself.

The thing we find ourselves asking now is if the GXE Corvette can eventually reach a speed of 220 mph, which would be mindboggling for a car powered by a 44kWh battery pack. Don’t you think?

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Via [Autoblog]

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