Throwback Thursday: MotorWeek’s Retro Review of the 1984 Corvette

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For many of us who grew up in the mid-80s and early-90s, the C4 Corvette was the one we grew to love. It was actually the generation that America grew to love again, after the fiasco that was the oil crisis and the C3 Corvette. We all have fond memories of our first encounter of the C4, but to truly appreciate a classic car, you have to take the retro goggles off and look back at the history of what made it great, or not-so-much. Did the first ever C4 live up to the expectations we fondly remember, or was it really worse than that? The MotorWeek Retro Review below breaks out the history lesson with its 1984 Corvette Special.

MW Vette 2

It was actually an important time in modern Corvette history. This was the first time in 15-years that a new generation ‘Vette was actually a redesign from the ground up.

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From its 160-degree rotation headlights to its all glass hatch to using fiberglass reinforced mono-leaf springs front and rear, the C4 was the first true modernization of the Corvette line.

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Of course, a MotorWeek program wouldn’t be complete without a Goss’ Garage and Pat Goss. Man, he hasn’t changed in over 30-years.

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In the end, MotorWeek gave it a thumbs up, as they were ecstatic about the handling, style, and power of the new Corvette (though the term “Plastic Fantastic” became a bit much for us in the end). Looks like our Retro Goggles weren’t on too tight after all.

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