Mid-engine Corvette Imagined in 3D

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C8 Corvette should look a whole lot like this computer-generated model.

The video above comes to us from the Kaldarleifar YouTube channel and it features a computer-generated rendering of what the artist believes is the mid-engine Corvette. This C8 Corvette visualization was created by a man named Bjorn Daniel Svavarsson, and based on what we have seen in spy shots and videos of the mid-engine test mules, the real thing could look a great deal like this 3D rendering.

Svavarsson is a member here on the forum, going by the name “bdsvavars” and he recently shared the video above in a thread on the site, possibly giving us our best look yet at the Chevy supercar.

Mid-Engine Corvette Front

Svavarsson’s C8

In the video above, the mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette that is expected to introduce the C8 era is rotating slowly in space. There are no fine details such as headlights, taillights, wheels and tires, exhaust tips or other body cladding, but the actual body looks like something that could have been created by General Motors.

Mid-Engine Corvette REnder Side

As the car turns, we get a good look at the sleek front end with huge vents and long headlights stretching back along the top of the fenders. The front end area is predictably short, as it is with all mid-engine cars, and that short hood leads to a sharply-sloping windshield and the swooping roofline of the greenhouse.

Out back, this Corvette has a long rear window that will likely provide passers-by a look at the engine, with large vents on the leading edge of the quarter panels and more vents across the back end.

Mid-Engine Corvette Render Rear

What If?

Let’s say that the actual next-generation Chevrolet Corvette with the mid-engine architecture does look like this computer-generated rendering. It does look like the camouflaged test cars, so it seems possible, although the actual car will “pop” a bit more with lights, wheels and badging.

Mid-Engine Corvette Render Front 3/4

On one hand, this Corvette looks sharp, even in this bare-bones design. It carries forward some of the lines of the C7 Corvette as best it can for a shift from a front-engine to a mid-engine layout. However, some early critics have insisted that it looks too much like something from Ferrari or even the modern Acura NSX.

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