At What Point do You Scrap a Corvette?

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I recently stumbled on a story that left me pondering something: at what point after an accident in a Corvette do you just call it a wrap and scrap it?

Of course, when it comes to some of the more classic or limited models, that threshold for getting her repaired gets a lot higher, but what about a wrecked C6 or C7 like the one highlighted in an LSXTV report (pictured).

The 2014 Stingray fitted with the 1LT Z51 package, which was up for auction on an insurance site, had a bid price of $15,125 with an estimate of about $30,000 in repairs; roughly $20,000 less than the starting price for a new model equipped with the features.

I know the damaged C7 was certainly a source of pride for someone when it was first picked up at the dealership, and with a little over 5,000 miles on the odometer, she’s still got a lot of love left to give.

However, with nearly every side damaged in a rollover accident, you’ve got to wonder, is the cash and agony needed to get her back on her feet worth the pain?

This reminds me of a similar story we ran in February that included a poll. Head over to that link to vote, and then …

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