Seized Corvette Becomes a Guatemalan Police Car

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Chalk one up for the good guys.

Crime never pays. No matter how glamorous it seems at first, it eventually comes crashing down around you. The glitz and glamour is traded for a jumpsuit and cold, grey concrete.

But what happens to the trappings of luxury when the bad guys get caught? Much of it is sold at government auction. Sometimes, the police are even able to use some of it.

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That’s what happened in Guatemala, where a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has received the light-bar-and radio treatment. A vinyl wrap confirms that this Corvette has officially completed its turn and is now one of the good guys.

The C7 was acquired by Guatemala’s National Civil Police (the PNC) after the arrest and imprisonment of a notorious drug dealer. In its past life, the Corvette was Felipe Arelanes Monroy’s, also known as “Ducati.” He had a penchant for going fast, but apparently not fast enough to evade the authorities.

The Corvette started life as an Arctic White example, but it’s been transformed into a beautiful metallic blue. It now matches the blue, yellow, and white paint scheme of the PNC.

The Corvette will be used to patrol the area around La Aurora International Airport. Out there, it will be seen by tourists and civilians alike. In addition to its community outreach role, it will be used for night patrols.

It’s always satisfying to see the good guys win, and we’re sure that this Stingray is a real morale booster for the Guatemalan police. In these photos, it’s in a parade to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the PNC. Way to go!

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