Corvette Widebody Conversion Kit: How-To Spotlight

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Widebody C6 ZR1 Corvette

Corvette’s stance and look is unmistakable. Is there really a way to make it look that much better? Well, a widebody conversion kit may be┬áthe ticket.

The widebody look is certainly one of those, to each their own, situations. Obviously not everyone is going to agree on what does and does not look good. This is not limited to the Corvette, let alone just the C6. But for those out there looking for that one thing. That one modification that can truly set themselves apart from the next guy with the same year and paint scheme, the widebody conversion could do it.

Custom Widebody C6 Corvette

Of all the How-To Spotlights, this one likely lands in the, “You may need to phone a friend,” category. It likely does for most of us. While many are highly talented in many things Corvette, we would be curious to know how many of you out there have the experience and abilities to pull off this particular project at home.

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A quick check of hands raised would say that is likely the consensus. Changing brake fluid, rotors, headlights, those are things that are somewhat easily learned. Body work, well that is an art and may take years to perfect, particularly on the Corvette.

Today’s How-To Spotlight takes us all the way up to the body work on this project. There are still many details that have to be worked through. You are going to need all of your patience and likely a few adult beverages, obviously to be consumed following the work, not during.

Best of luck to those of you taking this on. We would absolutely love to see your before, during and after pictures for this. We are confident that few of us have the determination to tackle this project, so if you have stepped up, by all means take a bow and show off your work!

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