Corvette Oil Pressure Sensor Replacement: How-To Spotlight

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Holley aftermarket Corvette oil pressure sensor

Not the easiest project to tackle at home, but not the hardest, either. Here’s how to change your oil pressure sensor.

The oil pressure sensor in your Corvette is hidden. Well, depending on what year your car was built, it may be more difficult to reach than others. Getting to the sensor is likely the biggest challenge that you’ll face in this process. Once it’s located, the swap itself is fairly basic.

Corvette oil pressure sensor.

The good news is that there are two different ways to get to this part, although neither is easier than the other. We assume that you’ll just find a way you prefer over the other. The attached article mentions that even the size of your hands may be a deciding factor for which method you end up going with. There are several steps for each option that you’ll need to take for this project. Don’t worry; either way, you’re going to be able to swap out the sensor.

Plus, doing this on your own is going to save you quite a bit of money. Your dealership or mechanic might take the longest route to do the repair. Additionally, one of the methods we highlight wouldn’t be considered an option for someone who isn’t the owner of the car.


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This may be one of the more challenging home repairs to take on simply due to the difficulty of getting to the part. We think that if you swap these sensors out on your own, you may find the confidence to take on other intimidating projects.

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