383-Powered C4 Could Be Yours for Under $3,000

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Against our will and better judgement, we’re intrigued by this C4 project.

We’ve written before about what to look for in a C4. We’ve also written about the right way to go about buying a C4 as a project car. When this Corvette popped up for sale on Craigslist in Akron, Ohio, it certainly warranted a cautious second look.

Cheap early C4s have their own set of problems, and parts availability on certain components is non-existent. You’re usually better served buying a newer, nicer Corvette. However, despite its nature as a cobbled-together hot rod, this car might show some promise — especially with an asking price under $3,000!

This ’84 is bruised, battered, and in definite need of some cosmetic TLC. However, under the hood is a freshly rebuilt (or so the owner claims) 383 stroker with just 15,000 miles on it.

Eliminating the troublesome Crossfire injection system in favor of good old carburetion, this C4 relies on a 600 CFM Edelbrock four-barrel and a 14″ chrome air cleaner to get the job done. That’s a classic combo if there ever was one, although seeing it on a C4 instead of a C3 is a bit unusual.

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The interior is very worn and tattered, although some era-appropriate Corbeau seats have been swapped in. The seller is also claiming that some suspension components have been replaced. All gauges aside from the tachometer are said to function, and the seller assuages worries about chassis rust by stating that the car spent most of its life in Alabama.

The paint looks alright in photos — a bright, shiny red — but close-ups confirm the seller’s description that the paint is bubbled and cracked in places. Humorously, the seller states that it’s ‘a go car, not a show car.” I admire their candor. Besides, what are you going to complain about for $2,900?

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