Corvette Math: Does C2 Plus C6 Equal C7?

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Ok, so I know that I joke a lot about some of the stuff I write about here, but can we be serious for a minute? One of our fellow Corvette Forum members has reached out asking for some advice, and he really needs it.

Member bub is the proud owner of a 1965 small-block Corvette and a 2008 Z06. The 1965 is not pristine, but still nice and driveable, as you can see in the photo above. The Z06 is perfect with only 4,500 miles on the clock. Now, he says that he has been offered a chance to part with both in exchange for a new 2LZ Z06.

So that is his dilemma, should he take the new Z06 in exchange for his two older Corvettes? If I were in this position, I would probably swap. I can’t ignore the new Z06 and its 650 horsepower, plus an empty spot in the garage means I have room for something else later! Also, since the ’65 is not in museum quality condition, it is much easier to part with. That said, if there was any way, I would try to trade the C6 Z06 and some cash for the C7 and keep the old ’65.

He already has a lot of input in the thread, but let’s get this thing going with a poll so we can have some hard numbers to work with. So please, vote on the poll below so we can help bub get an answer.

Should bub swap his C2 and C6 for a C7 Z06?

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