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C7 Corvette

Facebook Fridays Photo Captures the Simple Beauty of the C7 in a Captivating, Open Road Night Shot

Just another Corvette photo that says it all, right? C’mon, is there any better view than a C7 Corvette on the open road, cutting through the wind?

Well, come to think about it, being in the driver’s seat of the ‘Vette would certainly top the view from afar. And yet, even as a casual spectator, there’s a sense of excitement that takes hold when staring at this night shot of the Corvette, which we picked up from the official Corvette Facebook page.

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The pic also reminds us of some of the simpler elements of the C7, which have helped make the model so popular. Sure, specialty variants like the new Grand Sport and the highly-anticipated ZR1 seem to be occupying most of our time now, when it comes to dreaming about C7s. But it all started with the initial design of the car, which struck a chord with so many people upon its January 13, 2013 debut.

Hard to believe that it’s already been four years, right? And yet, the C7 Corvette still has a road presence that’s second-to-none in the world of sports cars. That probably explains why the photo has garnered nearly 9,000 likes, loves, or wows on Facebook, and has been shared nearly 400 times already.

Yep, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the C7 will go down as one of the best Corvette designs ever produced.

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