Craigslist Find: Rare Dunham Caballista Corvette

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This 1979 Dunham Coach Caballista Was Custom Made in a “Pimpmobile” Theme

Anyone who’d drive this 1979 Dunham Coach Caballista Corvette would need to have a fairly good sense of humor.

The wild-looking car, also known as the Corvorado, actually has a Corvette body that’s been tricked out with a lot of old-school Cadillac styling cues.

Created by Les Dunham, the vehicle was actually born out of some of some of the same outlandish themes that drove the blaxploitation film era of the ‘70s. And it was from a line of vehicles designed by Dunham in what was known as a “pimpmobile” theme.

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In fact, the Corvorado was actually featured in the 1973 James Bond film, Live and Let Die, which had its fair share of bizarrely entertaining themes, as well. Many of them are captured in the video below.

Even better, if you happen to be a fan of the era, this Caballista could actually be yours. The model pictured here is currently up for sale for the mere price of $22,500. According to the official Craigslist post, this custom model is one of only four units built with a 4-speed transmission. Other features true to the theme include a t-top, wire wheels, Vogue tires, and an AM/FM cassette player, of course.

The car only has 74,646 miles on the odometer. And it seems to be in decent looking condition, aside from a few “stress cracks,” as detailed by the seller. So, if you’re looking to relive the ‘70s, this very well could be your chance to shine.

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