News Rally: A ’63 Spin on a 2009 Corvette, Stock C7 vs. Hennessey HPE700, Ocean City

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In this news rally: We admire the best of 1963 on a 2009 Corvette chassis. — Just how much difference does 250 units of Hennessey horsepower make to alter the C7’s disposition? — A look back at Corvette Weekend in Ocean City, MD.

A ’63 Spin on a 2009 Corvette

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Here’s a find that I’m betting will strike up a few comments on the forum.

This 2009 Corvette, currently up for sale on eBay, is a hybrid of sorts with custom body and interior work by Karl Kustom Corvettes and engine work by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

The body was completely overhauled and transformed into a 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe package. Even the interior was refinished with a classic look featuring custom ruffled leather that is pretty eye catching against the contrast of that white exterior. Lingenfelter’s work features, among other things, a full 660-horsepower head and cam package.

If interested, you’ll want to give Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale a call and have about $189,900 on hand.

Video: Stock C7 Takes on Hennessey HPE700


This is like a proud parent watching a son who went away to train for the Olympics and return home to race his twin brother.

Even though you love them both, you have a good idea on how this is going to turn out before you even hit play.

It’s not that the stock Stingray doesn’t put up a good fight in the video because it does at first, but with nearly 250 more horsepower than the stock model, the supercharged Hennessey HPE700 Corvette is just a better fit for the longer run.

Of course, with the speed numbers recently released on the new Z06, the Texas tuner’s days of beating up on GM’s own C7 performance team might be numbered.


Ocean City Wraps Up Corvette Weekend

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It looks like it was a pretty good turnout this past weekend for Corvette Weekend in Ocean City, Maryland.

The annual event, touted as the largest Corvette show on the East Coast, draws in more than 300 ‘Vettes to the Ocean City Boardwalk from as far as Florida — although it appears the bulk of attendees are from places like Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

As I’m sure most of you know, the biggest issue with being a Corvette enthusiast is that it’s impossible to be at every show for the American icon, but thanks to Facebook we still can share the good times when we come across them.

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