How-To Tuesday: Detailing Your Corvette Inside, Outside and Under?

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Perfect C6 engine

Detailing any car is about a lot of patience, attention to detail, time, effort, energy, and the right products. If you haven’t spent at least two hours doing it, have you really actually done it? Tires, rims, trim, windows, leather, tail lights — the list goes on and on. And Corvette emblems, don’t EVER forget the emblems.

But have you ever wondered what it would take to detail the engine bay? I know that I have. I’ve never tackled that project with anything more than some concern and a very slightly wet, we are talking humidity got it wet, towel. I’m the owner of a C4, and it doesn’t have near the computer workings that even the C5 does, let alone anything newer than that generation. So what would it take to detail an engine bay to make it look like it just rolled out of the doors at Bowling Green?

Thankfully, our intrepid wordsmiths in Corvette Forum‘s How-Tos section have come up with just that article. There are still many steps that you need to make certain to follow when going this route, but the article lays them out for you in an easy to follow fashion.

I would imagine that this would potentially be a once a year endeavor for most of us, but that leaves out the group that takes their Corvette’s to car shows. Unfortunately, I’m not in that category… yet.

So, have you tackled this project? How often do you do it? Why can’t we have a virtual Corvette engine show? Post those pictures, we want to see your perfectly detailed Corvette!

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