The Worst Corvettes of Instagram

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They said I could be anything I wanted when I grew up, so I decided to be a Lamborghini, but I failed.

Are you going hunting in your Corvette? No? Then why in the heck does it have a hideous camouflage wrap?

#Murica #Chevrolet #Corvette

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So American it actually hurts.

Got flames? Unfortunately, yes.

The Eagle and the Wolf. WHY?

Seen in the parking lot of Walmart. Dude said he made them. Please, stop.

Needs to be slapped…

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Sir, you must be confused…

It may be blurry, but who does this to a Corvette?


Did something explode under the hood of this Corvette?

This is a Corvette, not a Honda Civic, bro.

77' #Corvette

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How dare you put those wheels on a classic.

Speed holes taken to the extreme.

That’s just painful to look at.

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