This Corvette Z06 is One Hell of a Mid-life Crisis Car

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Mid-Life Crisis Corvette

We spotted this gorgeous modified C6 Z06, dubbed ‘Mid-Life Crisis,’ on Instagram and had to find out more.

If you’re ever around the area of Keller, Texas you might come across Nick Novak’s 2008 C6 Zo6. It replaces his first Corvette, a 2007 Z51, and as you can see, it’s his pride and joy. That minty-fresh looking paint is the factory-optioned Jet Stream Blue Metallic and poking out the back there is a C7 Carbon extended ZR1 spoiler. That spoiler gives us a clue that there could be a bit more going on with this ‘Vette than initially meets the eye. It may be dubbed the ‘Mid-Life Crisis’ Corvette, but Novak isn’t old enough to be there yet and he owns it out of pure enthusiasm.

You can see his Z06 is running on the stock Brembo calipers, but the discs are drilled and slotted and the gripping work is done by Hawk Track pads. To make sure the power greets the road and makes full use of that stopping power, Novak has gone with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. We are fans of the tried and true solid platform of Hawk and Michelin to kick off a project. After all, if you’re going to play around under the hood for even more power then the car needs to both stop well and not fall off the road.

Mid-Life Crisis Corvette


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Novak tells us that he and a buddy started off by swapping in LG Super Pro headers before getting work done on the engine. For that, Novak used the tuning house Advanced Modern Performance. They’re based in Grand Prairie, Texas, and we’ve heard some good things about them from members here on the Corvette Forum. They dropped in a BTR Stage 3 cam, CNC’d the factory heads and did some work on the exhaust valves. Following that, Novak’s ‘Vette then got an MSD Atomic Intake manifold along with a K&N cold air intake.

Advanced Modern Performance’s in-house tuner, Sam Miller, got the modified engine singing, but it hasn’t been on the dyno yet. Novak tells us he likes to spend some quality fun time in Mexico as well as on Texas roads, so if you see him you can ask. Assuming you can catch him.

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