To Whitewall Letter or Not to Whitewall Letter?

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Whitewall lettering looks supremely cool on two types of vehicles: classic muscle cars and racecars.

But could it work on a C6?

One of our Corvette Forum members, jimbob8915, expressed his penchant for whitewall lettering, and is wondering if there are any available for a C6 Z06. Well, that seems to be bringing forth some opposition in the forum, predicated with the old “to each his own, but…” sentiment.


Currently, jimbob8915 is thinking about the raised white lettering that is popular with off-road tires and classic muscle cars. That might look a bit tacky. However, if jimbob8915 considers getting something with just a bit more sidewall, and then using a stencil to outline the tire manufacturer, that could look positively great.

It all just depends on execution. How about we all jump onto the thread and help jimbob8915 find the right look?

Chime in about whitewall lettering on the forum. >>

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